Båstad - Mölle

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Båstad - Mölle

5 June 2021

Roller Ski Challenge

Rollout 2021

First Edition

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--- 2021-04-12 ---

The Båstad-Mölle

5 June 2021

The first long distance roller ski race in the south of Sweden. 

Båstad – Mölle track is built on Hallandsåsen in a hilly landscape.

In front of us is a 3 years strategy and goal to develop the event. In the end it will be the world longest roller ski race 100 km. As the name suggests, our goal is to start in Båstad and finish in Mölle.

The race is part of the Visma Ski Challengers.


Båstad-Mölle women and men will be done using rollerski wheel 3! 

Seeding Race for the Vasaloppet. 

The Båstad-Mölle



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